Our Location

      8019 N. Himes Ave.,
      Suite 200
      Tampa, FL 33614

      About our Clinic

      Our Mission

      This practice is dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate, and cost-effective health care to the patients we serve. The ultimate purpose of all work in a medical practice is to help people. Service to the sick, the injured, and infirmed must be provided when it is needed, thus a medical practice has to have operating policies in place to aid in obtaining this objective.

      Many of the rules and policies of a medical practice are intended to build the confidence the patients feel in the physician and the supporting personnel. A strong physician-patient relationship is necessary if the patient is to receive the full benefit of the physician’s services.

      Patients must feel they can talk freely to the physician, that the staff is knowledgeable and conscientious, and the medical practice is well managed. The physician’s employees play an important role in building confidence by being tactful, cheerful, friendly, neat, and industrious.

      Our Team

      Glory Wellness Team

      Glory Regenerative Center Staff

      Glory Regenerative Center's staff is made up of amazing individuals who aim to provide exceptional service. Their friendly demeanor coupled with their professionalism and expertise will ensure you leave every conversation with a smile of satisfaction.

      Meet the Practitioner

      Dr. David Ikudayisi, MD

      Dr. David Ikudayisi is a Board Certified Internist with strong passion for Regenerative Medicine, who started developing a great interest in Aesthetic & Cosmetic Medicine at the end of his fifth year in medical school, when he was doing an elective clinical clerkship at a Cosmetic Surgical Center in Paris, France under the supervision of Dr. Sherriff in 1995. In USA, he assisted in various cosmetic surgeries at a Cosmetic Surgical Center in Philadelphia, PA in USA from 1998 to 2000 before starting his residency program in Internal Medicine.

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